Looking up at the bees

It’s a crisp winter morning and I’m walking to the beach because I know it will be void of people. Around here most people don’t go there until it’s sunny and over 20 degrees. There is nobody on this bike path and no distractions which is probably why I notice the branch of a gum tree with snow-white bark reaching out over a fence as if it’s waiting to scruff my hair with its long twig fingers as I walk by.

I walk under and look up. The gumnut pods, about one meter above me, are already empty having lost their blossoms. The inside of the gumnuts appear luminescent with yellow light because the sun is shining through. Despite lacking any flowers, they’ve still managed to attract the bees – they are crawling inside the pods, devouring nutrients I can’t see. I wonder how the tree was still able to attract insects, but realise I am not different to them and am standing here captivated by its beauty.

Looking up at the Bees. Oil on canvas. 50cm x 40cm.

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