Local grevillea

When the sun came out for the first time today I decided to get outside and enjoy it. The front door closes behind me and I feel the sunrays brushing my face and can still smell moisture in the air from the morning’s light rain.

If embarking on a pointless walk from my house I usually gravitate towards open space where there is more nature than urban structures and this time I choose the nearby park that has three sporting ovals and some native trees. All I expect on this outing is to stretch my legs and reach an open space where I can take deep breaths of air that feels fresher even if it probably isn’t – the city is still only five kilometres away and the docks are even closer.

On the walk between my house and the park are blocks of suburban houses with small but leafy front yards. It is autumn so most of the nature in the neighbourhood is green if native and changing colours to gold and auburn if exotic. I kick and crunch through small piles of leaves that have formed beside the path as I walk.

Before I arrive at the park I need to pass through the carparks of two apartment blocks. In between them is a path that zig zags down a steep slope. It is lined with gardens so with a bit of imagination it briefly feels like hiking on a hillside.

Here I stop because after seeing streets of greens and browns, there is suddenly a spark of fuchsia and yellow. It is a grevillea, about 15cm in length and growing on what must be a very young shrub, given its low height and it’s surrounded by other young plants. The complexity of the swirls are like a plush fire and being close to it makes me feel warm.

Local Grevillea. Oil on canvas. 60cm x 50cm.

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