State of Disaster – Roadmap. Open-air exhibition in postcode 3031

For the second year the suburbs of Flemington and Kensington, situated in postcode 3031, are in strict lockdown.

Once again I am participating in the State of Disaster group exhibition co-curated by Tameka Carter and Rute Chaves.

This year the theme is Roadmap.

Fourteen artists and collectives have come together as best as we can in these restrictions to put on an open-air art show. There are two art walks where people can see the art works and learn about local artists while getting their daily exercise and staying safe.

My painting Gumnuts Reaching for the Sunlight is on display in the front of a house in Flemington.

“The sun had risen over the horizon to begin its arch across the north and the sky was still wearing the colours of dawn. Up high, above a house, was a bouquet of deep red at the end of a branch. This gumtree had been following the sun’s travels over the years and had grown higher than the fences and the buildings, so it could reach for it over the rooftop. The plump flowers were the tree’s fingertips, stretching to touch the sunlight.

Even when we are stationary and not able to move, it’s still possible to grow taller and stronger and to get ready to reach for the light when it’s finally time to move on the road the freedom.”

I have mixed feelings about this exhibition. I am happy to be participating in it, but I thought last year was going to be a one-off and kind of wish there was no need to have this sort of activity again. I guess those feelings and the reality of the situation is what makes the exhibition so unique and has inspired all the artists in some way.

See the State of Disaster website to download the walking routes and learn about the other artists who are participating.

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