Tawny Frog Mouths are not owls

I’m not likely to encounter a tawny frog mouth by chance. They aren’t very common, they move around at night and even if I happen to walk past one, they’re very hard to see. During the day they like to perch silently like stone gargoyles in trees that closely match their plumage. They really don’t want to be seen.

Fortunately, somebody with a keen eye spotted some tawnies in a nature reserve about 1km from my house and gave me the tip off. Even with the knowledge of where to look it took me about twenty minutes riding around on my mountain bike looking up into branches to finally spot them.

Most of my work is created after being inspired by a chance encounter where I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with the subject. In this case I instead felt a sense of achievement at having searched for and found them.

I enjoyed them from a distance with one of them peering down at me with it’s massive black and yellow eyes, full of calm and awareness.

This work is oil on canvas. 40cm x 30cm.

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