Banksia Clump

The banksia doesn’t make any sense. There is no top or bottom, no front or back. The seed pods are fused together in no style or pattern, as if they exploded from a central kernel like a popcorn. It’s a solid clump of mouths.

It’s given some sense of order by the fact it’s hanging from a branch. It may be chaotic, but it has some stability and predictability in how it grows. It makes me think of the choices I have on my branch of time. I could do a whole range of things and go off in any random direction, but I’m going to keep walking along this path until I reach my destination, which today is a secluded beach. Should I grow in a predictable and safe pattern or be more like this banksia and explode in any direction and in any random form?

Banksia clump
Oil on canvas
30cm x 40cm

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