SOLO EXHIBITION: Encounters with Nature in Victoria. 13 April – 5 May 2022

This public and free exhibition at Melbourne’s City Library will feature detailed oil paintings inspired by nature in Victoria.

Each work will be accompanied by a passage detailing where the subject was encountered, what the artist was feeling at the time and why it caught his attention.

The exhibition will be a positive, colourful and uplifting experience that can be enjoyed by anybody who has an interest or fascination with nature in Australia.

Gumnuts cracking open

The bark of the ‘silver princess’ is stark white and its branches are adorned with the pink and yellow bulbs of new gumnuts. Many have already opened into fierce gum flowers, but I spot a bunch that are caught in the action of breaking. I can see the stamens growing thick inside and shoving at the shell, urging it to set them free.

Encounters with Nature in Victoria
13 April – 5 May 2022
City Library, Level 1, Flinders Lane, Melbourne

This is a public and free exhibition suitable for all ages. The library and gallery are fully accessible.

Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.

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