Original – Energetic gum tree


An original work by Christopher Strong

Oil on Canvas

40cm x 30cm x 2cm


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Oil on canvas with a matte varnish finish.

Presented on stretched canvas and ready to hang. Sides of the canvas are painted solid black.

40cm x 30cm x 2cm

Shipping to Australia is included in the price.

This painting is currently on display as part of the Encounters with Nature in Victoria exhibition which concludes on May 5. The work will be sent after this date.


Encountered at Dog Rocks near Castlemaine/ Djadjawurrung and Taungurung Country

My phone told me I’d arrived at my destination, so I pulled into the dirt carpark on the roadside. It felt like the middle of nowhere with nothing but trees surrounding me, but for some reason there were seven people standing around looking at me.

I got out of the car and a man leaning on a ute asked if I was Dave. I confirmed I was not and he wanted nothing else to do with me. The other six people were still looking at me, expecting something. One asked me if I knew the way to a place I had never heard of. I confirmed I did not and then a conversation started between them as it turned out they were two groups of lost hikers trying to get to the same destination. At least I was useful for starting a conversation. I asked the way to Dog Rocks and somebody said they were ‘just there’.

Five minutes later I found Dog Rocks which had no relation to dogs but had an amazing view out over farmlands and down towards Castlemaine. I stood on the highest rock and took it all in, realising my mind was running too fast and needed to slow down. I started to breath slowly.

After some time I turned to begin my planned hike and saw a uniquely shaped gum tree. It was alone on a bare patch of ground between stones and boulders. The flows and patterns of its trunk made it look like it was growing very quickly, twisting its branches and throwing away its bark in its haste.

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