Original – Bees in the Gumnuts


An original work by Christopher Strong

Oil on Canvas

50cm x 40cm x 1cm


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Oil on canvas with a matte varnish finish.

Presented on stretched canvas and ready to hang. Sides of the canvas are painted solid black.

50cm x 40cm x 1cm

Shipping to Australia is included in the price.

This painting is currently on display as part of the Encounters with Nature in Victoria exhibition which concludes on May 5. The work will be sent after this date.


Encountered on Elwood Canal/ Woiworung and Boonwurrung Country

On a crisp winter morning I was walking to the beach because I knew the cold would keep people away and I would be alone with the ocean. There was nobody else on the bike path and no distractions which is maybe why I noticed the branch of a gum tree with snow-white bark reaching out over a fence, as if it was waiting for me to walk by so it could scruff my hair with its long twig fingers.

I walked under it and looked up. The gumnut pods, about one meter above me, were already empty having lost their blossoms. The inside of the gumnuts appeared luminescent yellow as the sun shone through. Despite a lack of flowers, there were still bees crawling inside the pods, devouring nutrients I couldn’t see. I wondered how the tree was still able to attract bees without flowers, but then I realised I was standing there just as captivated as the bees.


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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 1 cm