Original – Gumnuts cracking open


An original work by Christopher Strong

Oil on Canvas

30cm x 40cm x 2cm


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Oil on canvas with a matte varnish finish.

Presented on stretched canvas and ready to hang. Sides of the canvas are painted solid black.

30cm x 40cm x 2cm

Shipping to Australia is included in the price.

This painting is currently on display as part of the Encounters with Nature in Victoria exhibition which concludes on May 5. The work will be sent after this date.


Encountered at a building site, Kensington/ Woiworung and Boonwurrung Country

I’d been taking regular walks through the neighbourhood and at first I liked the variety of exploring different streets, but then I began sticking to an established path that took me through parts I found most interesting. I realised not just in my walks but other aspects of my life, that I have routines and well-worn paths not because I’m afraid of exploring or being uncomfortable, but because I know what I like and where I want to go.

In front of a construction site of a house that so far was not much more than a wooden skeleton, was a ‘silver princess’ gum tree. The tree stood out because everything else in the front yard had been removed or flattened down to bare dirt. The owners of the property had decided to preserve this one tree.

Its bark was stark white and its branches were adorned with the pink and yellow bulbs of new gumnuts. Many had already opened into fierce gum flowers, but I spotted a bunch that were paused in the action of breaking. I could see the stamens growing thick inside and shoving at the shell, urging it to set them free. This was a slow process, but it would end suddenly when it bursts open, the new flower reaching out as far and wide as it could with magenta and gold.

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