Original – Wallaby Standing Still


An original work by Christopher Strong

Oil on Canvas

50cm x 40cm x 1cm


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Oil on canvas with a matte varnish finish.

Presented on stretched canvas and ready to hang. Sides of the canvas are painted solid black.

50cm x 40cm x 1cm

Shipping to Australia is included in the price.

This painting is currently on display as part of the Encounters with Nature in Victoria exhibition which concludes on May 5. The work will be sent after this date.


Encountered near Gulgurn Manja Shelter, Grampians/ Jardwadjali Country

I was walking on a narrow trail on my way to see an ancient Indigenous meeting place. I needed to drink some water so I stopped and took my bottle from my backpack. As part of my bushwalking habits, I’d learned to regularly stop, be still and let my senses adjust to what is around me. When I’m walking my mind and body is occupied with navigating what’s in front of me, and in a complex environment I can’t take everything in. When I stop and stand quietly, it feels like the forest forgets I’m there and goes about its usual routines. I can focus my eyes and ears and pick up anything that might be of interest.

A wallaby was standing only fifteen meters away in the scrub, staring right at me. It was using the same technique I was using to go unnoticed – standing completely still. Had it panicked and hopped away I would have seen it immediately. Its fur was the same tones of browns and umber as the tree trunks and if it weren’t for the green of the leaves around it, it would have been very difficult to see. It was only by chance that I saw this one and I wondered how many I’d passed without knowing.



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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 1 cm