Australia’s beauty, detail and colour

Everything natural in Australia is unique and that’s something worth celebrating through art and design.

Many plants and flowers, from hard to find natives to introduced favourites in neighbourhood gardens, have intricacies that demand careful and close examination. Birds and other creatures can be hard to find and are fast to move, so it’s difficult but rewarding to study them closely.


I was born in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. I moved around Australia during my childhood, living in Wollongong, Inverell, Goulburn and Canberra. I grew up close to nature and developed a habit of looking for aspects of the immediate environment that are different or out of place, even if those details are small. Part of this habit was about looking for signs of danger (spiders and snakes are everywhere) but more often about spotting things of interest, such as a rare flower or a bird sitting quietly in the canopy. As an adult I studied creative writing at the University of Canberra and then moved to Melbourne where I began practising painting and design.

Now I capture and share the beauty I find through painting with oils and watercolour.

Exhibitions and activities

Toorak Art Walk 2018
Group exhibition. October-November 2018

Bird of Paradise
Solo exhibition. Brunswick Street Gallery, July 2018

Australasia Now
Group exhibition. Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, May-June 2018

Solo exhibition. Umberto Espresso Restaurant, Melbourne, February-March 2018

Petite Worlds
Group exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, November 2017

Rimbun Dahan Artist Residency
Malaysia, July-August 2017

Group exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, January 2017

Toorak Village Art Walk
Group exhibition, Toorak Village, November 2016

Art in Space
Group exhibition, Frankston Art Centre, Cube 37 Gallery, August 2016

Comfort Food on Comfort Clothes
Solo exhibition. Brunswick Street Gallery, June 2016

The world is so large, I want to see it.
Information session: Why apply for artist residency programs? Bee Bookstore, Songzhuang, Beijing. January 17 2016

Flowers Drowning
Solo exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, November 2015

Exhibition and auction, Richmond, Melbourne. August 2015

Imago Mundi
Group exhibition, Italy. June 2015

New Surrealists
Group exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne. April-May 2015

Port Phillip Street Gallery
Group exhibition, Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Australia. April-May 2015

Finding Flowers in Human Cities
Solo exhibition. Brunswick Street Gallery. April 2015

Near and Far
Group exhibition. 99 Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing. December 2014

Too big to see, Too small to miss
Solo exhibition. 99 Art Musuem, Songzhuang, Beijing. December 2014

Dong Dong and Lu Lu program
Arts residency program, Beijing, December 2014

Dong Dong and Lu Lu program
Arts residency program, Nanjing, November 2014

International Youth Salon
Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang. November 2014