Here I share thoughts and feelings about what inspires my paintings, and information about my latest work and activities.

Water droplets on the leaves

It was an early morning walk through an area which only twelve months before had been touched by bushfire. Beside the trail I was seeing patches where short-lived spot fires had burned and the charcoal stumps of unfortunate trees that had caught embers and suffered alone. This hill had been spared the main inferno, but

Heron dining in the pond

I look up to the sky and feel uneasy in my stomach. It really doesn’t look like a good time to start a long hike. The clouds are gathering and forming ominous pillars on one side of the mountain, gradually turning the bright blue sky to grey. I dread being caught out in a storm

Scarlet Robin in the mountains

I’m hiking over a scenic mountainside on a clear, crisp summer morning, and everything is perfectly relaxing: the grassy plains with occasional patches of small but bright alpine flowers; the countless, radiant white snow gums that have been bent and twisted by heavy snow dumped on them every winter; and the views of the valleys

SOLO exhibition in Spring 2021

A public and free exhibition of my work is scheduled to be held in the Melbourne City Library public gallery during spring 2021. The exhibition will feature brand new works that depict Australian nature accompanied by written memories of how I found them. I will post more information as the date draws closer. 22 September

Tiny pink flowers in the mountains

At this altitude, in Victoria’s alpine region, it is harder to breathe when I walk up hill. If I didn’t have the scientific knowledge in my brain that there is less oxygen in the air and this is normal for somebody who has spent the last year stuck at sea level, it would be quite

me and uoouoo for the Royal Children’s Hospital – part 2

After painting a UooUoo in the winter of 2020 and being worried the pandemic would mean it, along with the other 99 painted by other artists, couldn’t go on public display, it’s amazing to see them out on the streets of Melbourne. Together they create an art trail as part of the celebrations for the

Golden gumnuts

I’m riding my mountain bike beside a suburban train line in northern Melbourne. My purpose for getting on my bike today was purely for exercising my body and mind. I’ve been to the Yarra River and stopped by a section of fast-flowing water to feel the cool, moist air on my skin and to listen

Upcoming event: UOOUOO art trail for the royal Children’s Hospital

It feels like many moons ago, before Melbourne went into what was called one of the world’s worst pandemic lockdowns, that I painted a majestical statue called UooUoo. I was one of 100 Victorian artists chosen to work with UooUoo and create 100 statues that would form an art trail to celebrate the 150th anniversary

Lilly pilly from the pathway

After spotting a number of lilly pilly bushes around the neighbourhood during lockdown, I’ve been hoping to find one in a location where I can photograph the ripe, shiny fruit without entering somebody’s front yard or pointing my camera towards a house window like a creepy weirdo. Luckily on one on my many walks I


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