Here I share thoughts and feelings about what inspires my paintings, and information about my latest work and activities.

State of Disaster – Roadmap. Open-air exhibition in postcode 3031

For the second year the suburbs of Flemington and Kensington, situated in postcode 3031, are in strict lockdown. Once again I am participating in the State of Disaster group exhibition co-curated by Tameka Carter and Rute Chaves. This year the theme is Roadmap. Fourteen artists and collectives have come together as best as we can

earrings now for sale in the online store

For a while I had been following Melbourne jeweller Erin K on instagram. I guess at some point I had found her account, been impressed by her designs that are inspired by nature, and thought I should follow her. Recently I saw she had worked with an artist to design some jewellery and I thought

Video: Heron Dining in the Pond

In this short video I talk about my painting, Heron Dining in the Pond. I share the story of the encounter that inspired the painting and give some insight into the composition and colours.

Looking up into the firewheels

I don’t seek out industrial areas very often. I don’t feel comfortable walking around them if I have no business being there. Usually they are dirty and loud with no consideration to visual aesthetics or human comfort because the operators are too busy working to worry about making the place look nicer in case somebody

Video: Flax Lily on the Mountain

In this video I talk about the inspiration behind my painting Matted Flax Lily on the Mountain. This work is 50cm x 40cm and I finished painting it in March 2021. This original painting and high-quality prints are available in my shop.

Water droplets on the leaves

It was an early morning walk through an area which only twelve months before had been touched by bushfire. Beside the trail I was seeing patches where short-lived spot fires had burned and the charcoal stumps of unfortunate trees that had caught embers and suffered alone. This hill had been spared the main inferno, but

Heron dining in the pond

I look up to the sky and feel uneasy in my stomach. It really doesn’t look like a good time to start a long hike. The clouds are gathering and forming ominous pillars on one side of the mountain, gradually turning the bright blue sky to grey. I dread being caught out in a storm


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