Here I share thoughts and feelings about what inspires my paintings, and information about my latest work and activities.

Lorikeets guarding the hollow

I’m now allowed to spend two hours outside of my house and as it’s a sunny day I’m going to make the most of it. I have my backpack, camera and a bottle of water, so I feel like I’m out on some sort of urban adventure. I have planned

Baby wattle

This is the furthest I’ve been from my house in weeks and it was only a ten-minute bike ride. For almost two months I haven’t been allowed to leave the house for longer than an hour, and now that restriction has extended to two hours, I’ve come to the closest

SOLO exhibition in 2021

A public and free exhibition of my work is scheduled to be held in the Melbourne City Library public gallery during spring 2021. The exhibition will feature brand new works that depict Australian nature accompanied by written memories of how I found them. I will post more information as the

Thoughts on hosting a virtual exhibition during pandemic lockdown

From August to October 2020 I hosted an online, virtual exhibition of paintings created between 2019 and early 2020. The exhibition was originally scheduled to be held in a real gallery in Melbourne, but it was cancelled along with nearly everything else in the city because of the pandemic. Although

Gumnuts cracking open

It’s September and I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt for the first time since maybe February. It’s not quite warm enough for it with a cool breeze cutting through the morning sunshine, but I didn’t dress for the weather. I just wanted to feel like I could get away with

Bottlebrush buds

I walk the street without any planned route or purpose except to be out of the house, avoid getting close to people and keep an eye on the time to ensure I’m back within an hour. It’s something I’ve been doing for months, but it still doesn’t feel quite right

Group Exhibition – State of Disaster

Despite being in a rather strict Covid-19 lockdown, I am participating in a very unique style of exhibition that could only exist at this time and place.  State of DisasterSeptember 6 – 20 2020Kensington, VictoriaCo-curated by Rute Chaves and Tameka Carter If you’re in Kensington or within 5km, you can

Practice painting – thoughts on searching for an echidna

During my last outings into the Australian bush (before my city was put in lock down) I was fixated on spotting an echidna. I know they are around where I’m walking because I can see their scratching in the ground where they’ve been using their tiny paws to dig for

Virtual exhibition – Encounters with Australian Nature

Throughout 2019 and 2020 I’ve been working on a series of paintings which I planned to exhibit in the art space at City Library, Melbourne, in spring. It’s been fun sharing these works one by one online to a small audience, but I had a plan to bring them together


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